Business Insurance

Business Insurance


Business coverage doesn’t have to be difficult to understand.

A basic Homeowners Insurance Policy will cover the following:

 * Auto * Property * General Liability * Professional Liability * Equipment *Workers Compensation * Surety * Umbrella * Flood * Life *


Why do I need a one day insurance policy?

Just suppose you planned the perfect party, wedding or event and...

  • Someone gets intoxicated and starts a big brawl

  • It rains outside and ruins your outdoor venue

  • The guest of honor is injured and can't attend the event

  • Your wedding dress is damaged or tuxedo is lost

  • Lost deposit if your vendor goes out of business or doesn’t show

  • Severe weather forces you to postpone your big day

  • Sudden illness

You have planned the perfect event: months of hard work and planning, the perfect list of guests, the perfect venue.

Then, the unexpected happens and disaster strikes! That is why special events insurance & one day insurance policies exist. 

“Insure” a Picture-Perfect Event

* WeddingsCorporate Events * Company Meetings * Birthday Parties * Fundraisers 

                                      * Sporting Events * Celebrations or Parades * Auto or Horse Shows * Concerts

Specialty Insurance 

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